Check back each week to see some of the current pickups we are working on.  
Pickup for Mandolin

8.4k ohms
Alnico V rod magnets
Handwound with 43 awg
Fiberboard flatwork
Two conductor cloth hookup wire
In the works:
Wide Range Tele
P-90 style pickup with 52mm string spread perfect for the bridge position on larger scale guitars.
Custom built nine string pickup for lap/pedal steel guitar
7.4k ohms
Alnico V rod magnets
Handwound with 41 awg Formvar magnet wire for an old school vintage tone
Four conductor hookup leads
GREEN GOLEM  has arrived

Jazzmaster bezel
Clear polycarbonate top with green magnet wire.
12.1k ohms
Handwound with 42awg
Alnico V rod magnets
Cloth pushback wire
Wax potted

Coffin Joe

Fits P-90

All Handcrafted

Extra deep wooden surround  
Polycarbonate top

8.5k ohms
Handwound with 42awg
Six Alnivo V slugs south to strings
two conductor hook-up leads
Wax potted to reduce feedback