Check back each week to see some of the current pickups we are working on.  
Pickup for Mandolin

8.4k ohms
Alnico V rod magnets
Handwound with 43 awg
Fiberboard flatwork
Two conductor cloth hookup wire
In the works:
Wide Range Tele
P-90 style pickup with 52mm string spread perfect for the bridge position on larger scale guitars.

Coffin Joe

Fits P-90
All Handcrafted
Extra deep wooden surround  
Polycarbonate top
8.5k ohms
Handwound with 42awg
Six Alnivo V slugs south to strings
two conductor hook-up leads
Wax potted to reduce feedback


T-top for Rickenbacker bass
Bridge Position
8.7k ohms
Handcrafted aluminum baseplate
Alnico V rod magnets
Handwound with 42awg on tall fiberboard bobbin
Two inch string spread
NEW to our bass line up
Blade Bass Humbucker

16.8k ohms
3 13/16" string spread (blade length)
Sixteen 1/4" diameter Alnico V rod
magnets south to strings
Cover is 4 1/2" long x 1 1/2" wide
Wound with 42 awg
Two conductor hook-up leads
Wax potted / Feedback removed

13.5K ohms
44 awg
Graduating Alnico V rod magnets give you
more tone where needed
Two conductor cloth pullback wire
Hand-wound / Wax potted / Feedback


P-90 and Jazzmaster versoins available
inquire within