Check back each week to see some of the current pickups we are working on.  
Biggy Smalls
Mini Humbucker

22.1K OHMS
screw side-
50mm string spread
blade side-
52mm string spread
45 awg
Four conductor hookup leads
Fits Firebird guitar cavity


Alnico V rod magnets
Fiberboard flatwork
MOTOR LIGHT  Wide range humbucker

10.4 K ohms
52mm string spread
42 AWG
Twelve Alnico-II rod mags
Single conductor braided ground wire
Handwound / Wax Potted / Feedback
Cover custom built from a Singer power box
NEW- In the works:
5-String Jazz Bass Humbucker
Multi coil bass pickup: (NON WAL TYPE)

Four individual coils
Alnico V slugs
8k ohms neck
9k ohms bridge
Pickup leads come prewired in series for easy install
Fiberboard bobbins
Cover options galore
A big thank you to Jerry
Sentell of Sentell Pickups for
my new multi-coil
pickups.Hands down the best
bass pickups I have ever heard.
An actual customer review and photo