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Pickup for Mandolin

8.4k ohms
Alnico V rod magnets
Handwound with 43 awg
Fiberboard flatwork
Two conductor cloth hookup wire
Jsg Damn
after playing it all night I can't believe how much it improve the sound! It add lot of bass and the signal is stronger, the
original signal sound very thin in comparison, and imagine it's already the best pedal steel tone, now it's better than
that!!! I have blend pot like a stringmaster. The bridge is always at 100% and you gradually add the neck pickup. I like
50% neck pickup for E9 to keep a bright tone and 75% on the C6 neck. If I play Hawaiian music I put the neck pickup at
100% to have a very fat tone!!!
Single coil
Stringmaster style
will work in Fender 1000

7.5k ohms
Eight Alnico V slugs
Handwound / Wax potted / Feedback removed
No claw required

10.2k ohms
30mm string spread
37mm across top,18mm wide, 16mm deep mounting holes are 43mm apart
Alnico- II rod magnets
Two conductor hook-up leads
Black fiberboard flatwork
Wax potted
Toploading springs and screws included
This type of pick-up can be used with  separate hookups to get more sound/tone out of certain strings
(most commonly the bass strings)
Pick-up can also be used for Cigar box
Custom versions of this pickup can be built to fit your instrument

Available NOW;

CHEM-DOG : Multi purpose P-90 sized
humbucking pick-up

8.4k ohms
1/4" diameter Alnico V magnet
42 awg
Handwound / Wax potted

This pickup was made for a one string bass guitar
you can solid mount it anywhere you want a little extra
can be customized for your application

B-90 :  P-90 sized humbucking pick-up



5Omm string spread
9.4K ohms
Handwound with 42 AWG
12 Alnico 5 rods
Wax Potted
Single conductor braided shielded ground wire
Cream ring/ springs / screws included


Twin blade humbucker
19.9k ohms
Quarter inch thick Ceramic magnet
2 -1/4" long baldes

HB-28   $120.00   
Sidewound Blade Humbucker

72mm Stringspread
EMG 2 hole mount cover
3.50" long x 1.50" wide x .895"
9.9K Ohms
Alnico V magnets south to
Four conductor hook up wire
with an extra ground wire to
Pick-up comes prelinked for