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Photos of guitars equipped with Sentell Pick-ups
If you would like us to add a photo of your guitar featuring Sentell Pick-ups email your photo to

Set of three Strat style pickups with clear tops and red, green and blue magnet wire in this guitar by Evelyn Sanders

LS7  Ten string humbucker is this steel guitar by Robert Allan

4001 Bass copy by Rob Henderson

with a Sentell Bridge pick-up

Set of Sentell Stringmaster pickups

Set of Snowblind humbuckers

Set of Bladerunner humbuckers

Big Sis bass pick-up

Big Sis pick-up in this Musicmaster bass

Set of three Ricky replacement pick-ups

10 string humbucker in a steel guitar built

by Melbert Guitars

Set with Mini Humbucker in the bridge and an Unmudbucker in the neck

Custom Tele set for a Ramon

Clear Tele neck pick-up

Set of humbuckers in this build by DAB guitars

Set of P-90 Dogear blade


custom builds featuring

sentell pickups

by chris matos of

812 guitars

Set of Snowblind humbuckers in this
Newman guitar

Newman guitars featuring Bladerunner, Gravy Train and  a Blade Tele bridge pick-up

Flippercaster guitars by

Luciano Biasibetti

featuring Sentell clear top
P-90, Strat and bass style pickups in various colors

B11pick-up in this Bullet bass

Set of humbucker sized single coil pickups in a custom built guitar

Set of two Big Sis bass
pickups in this bass guitar

Tele bridge pickup with a cream top in
this switchcaster

Crazy Skateboard lap steel guitar
by Breadboard Bakery
featuring a Green Golem pickup

Custom made mini humbucker in
the bridge postion
of this Yamaha SC600

Musicmaster pick-up with 9mm diameter Alnico 5 rods

Squire Bronco Bass Guitar with Big Sis pickup

Widerange bass pickup in the neck and
P51 in the bridge

Strat-style guitar with Sentell  pickups- humbucker in the bridge, Vintage
single coil in the middle and T-34 in neck.  
Customers custom wiring diagram below.

JD Custom Stereo Guitars in Elmira, NY
featuring Sentell Split Coils.

Custom built five string bass pick-ups in this guitar by
Mossy Rock Guitars

Set of  A7V humbuckers in the Blue Viking guitar by
Mossy Rock Guitars

Set of  black and tortoise humbuckers in this guitar by Mossy Rock Guitars

Humbucker bridge and stacked neck with red and blue acrylic tops
on the Model One guitar by Electro Phonic Innovations

Steel guitars that have been restored with Sentell Pickups
by Jack Hanson

Custom Jaguar pick-up with clear top  for ‎
Jordan Grunow

Equipped with a customized version of the XP-6

Unmudbucker in a Gibson EB-0

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Set of Dogbucker pick-ups

Custom bass guitar with  Blade
runner  pick-ups (B-38)

Sentell Musicmaster bass pick-up

Stacked Tele in the bridge and stacked
P-90 in the neck both with pearloid tops

Surface mount Dog-ear pick-up
for a luthier down under

Day of the Dead inspired guitar with a
Sentell Pick-ups P-90 sidewind humbucker

NC-17 surface mount pick-up in
this Skateboard deck lap steel.

Dogbucker in the neck position of this Peerless

Set of acrylic blue humbuckers

Sentell's Tortoise Tele
set in this  Firecaster
guitar belonging to
Jess Coppinger.

Sentell's Black and Blue split
coil pickup (custom made for a
Tele) in the neck paired with a
Tele High Gravity in the bridge
complete this awesome blue
paisley guitar owned by
Jess Coppinger.

Another great guitar design
by Jess Coppinger
featuring a Jaguar mini
humbucker with claw in the
neck and a three pole
pick-up in the middle


 Snowblind in the bridge position of this  guitar
for  Jess Coppinger in

Jackson Heights,  NY 2015

P-90 dogear split coil

Here is the finished guitar w/ my AMAZING sounding
Sentell pickup in the bridge.
April 2016
Sentell Tele style bridge pickup with clear polycarbonate
top and gold screws

Set of Doppelgangers in the neck and bridge positions and a
C-47 in the middle position of this 1996 Jackson-TH-1

Sentell acrylic T top humbuckers in an
acrylic guitar by Crossroad Guitars

Set of wide range bass humbuckers in a

bass guitar built by Haywire Custom Guitars

Lap Steel guitar by Fouke Industrial Guitars
with a custom spaced and wound
Sentell humbucker.

P-44 guitar with a set of A7V  humbuckers

Sentell Pickups mini
humbuckers in this Firebird

Mini P-90

cream with gold screws


Sentell neck pick-up
in a Epi Nighthawk Custom RI

Sentell's black and blue
humbucker in the bridge position

love, love, love the glorious GLORY STOMPER!

>Pete Kovalcik

Two NC18 pick-ups in this guitar
built by Kovalcik Audio

Set of Sentell custom Tele pick-ups
Acrylic tops with green magnet wire In a Kovalcik Audio Custom Electric Guitar

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Sentell acrylic P 90's in a recycled-top guitar built by Harvester Guitars

Sentell Mini Humbucker MH12 in the neck position
of this Firebird/Telecaster hybrid.  With dog Chewy.

Gold foil P-90

Sentell set of Telecaster pickups
installed in a Malden Mozak.

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